All LS members must work together: Om Birla

All LS members must work together: Om Birla

New Delhi, June 26: After being elected the Speaker of 18th Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Om Birla thanked all members and said it is all MPs’ collective responsibility to fulfil citizens’ “expectations and aspirations in an effective manner”.

Addressing the House, Om Birla said all members must work together for the nation and appealed to them to ensure decorum in the House. He said there must remain a difference between protest in the sansad (House) and protest on sadak (street).

Om Birla said, “This 18th Lok Sabha is the world’s largest celebration of democracy. Despite other challenges, more than 64 crore voters participated in the elections with great enthusiasm. On behalf of the House, I express my gratitude to them and the people of the country”.

“I want to thank PM Narendra Modi, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijij,u and all the members of the House for giving me the opportunity to work as the Speaker of the House again,” he added.

He also thanked the Election Commission for conducting the election in a “fair, unbiased and transparent manner”.

“The NDA government has been formed for the third consecutive term under the leadership of PM Modi. In the last decade, the expectations, hopes and aspirations of the people have increased. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to make collective efforts to fulfil their expectations and aspirations in an effective manner,” Om Birla said.

Earlier, PM Modi congratulated Om Birla for being elected as the Speaker saying, “It is a huge responsibility for you to occupy the Chair during the Amrit Kaal.” Making an initial remark in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said, “I want to congratulate you on behalf of the House. With your experience, we hope that you will guide us for the next five years”.

“Becoming the Speaker for the second time is a record in itself. Balram Jakhar got the opportunity to serve as the Speaker for the second term after competing for five years and today you are doing the same,” he said, adding that “your sweet smile keeps the entire House happy”.

PM Modi further added that “The works that didn’t happen during 70 years of independence, were made possible by this House under your chairmanship”. Following the Speaker’s election, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other members of parliament also congratulated Om Birla. Gandhi said that the Opposition would like to assist him in his work and hoped the Speaker would allow the Opposition to speak in the House. “The Opposition would like to assist you in your work, I am confident you will allow us to speak in the House,” he said.

The Congress leader said, “The Opposition expects that their voice will not be crushed and there will be no more expulsions from the House”. Gandhi further stated that the Opposition-led INDIA bloc would like to assist Om Birla in doing his work and for the House to “function often and well”.

“It is very important that cooperation happens on the basis of trust. It is very important that the voice of the Opposition is allowed to be represented in this House,” the Congress MP said.


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