Amid escalating war, Indian Embassy in Lebanon asks nationals to exercise caution

Amid escalating war, Indian Embassy in Lebanon asks nationals to exercise caution

New Delhi, June 28: With fighting between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Israel escalating and several countries issuing advisories against travel to Lebanon, the Indian Embassy has asked Indian nationals there to exercise caution and maintain contact with the embassy in Beirut.

The Advisory read: “In view of the current situation in Lebanon, all Indian nationals in Lebanon are advised to exercise caution and remain in contact with the Embassy of India in Beirut”, and provided contact details.

Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Jordan and Canada have issued advisories against travel to Lebanon.

The MEA spokesperson said that the Indian embassy has not issued a travel advisory. “Many Indian professionals live and work there, around 2,000-3,000. It is not a travel advisory, it is only asking them to maintain contact with the embassy.. It is an evolving situation, and issued as a matter of abundant caution,” the spokesperson added.

Israel has said it does not want war in Lebanon but could send its neighbour “back to the Stone Age”.

“We do not want war, but we are preparing for every scenario,” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Wednesday. “Hezbollah understands very well that we can inflict massive damage in Lebanon if a war is launched.”

On the situation in Kenya, the MEA spokesperson said that no Indian has been caught in the violence in Nairobi, Kenya, so far. “We have asked Indians to take care. The situation is improving, and things are in order as of now,” spokesperson added.

On June 25, the Indian High Commission in Nairobi asked all Indians in Kenya to avoid areas affected by protests and violence, amid reports of five people being shot dead as police fired live rounds at demonstrators in Nairobi to disperse people protesting against a controversial finance bill.


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