DDC member Dr. Harbaksh Singh Chairs Special Gram Sabhas in Tral

DDC member Dr. Harbaksh Singh Chairs Special Gram Sabhas in Tral

Local Community Commends Transparent Developmental Plans

Pulwama: Amidst a backdrop of eager anticipation and community spirit, DDC member Dr. Harbaksh Singh on Wednesday took charge of the proceedings at special Gram Sabhas held in the picturesque locales of Panchayat Halqa Panner, Mandoora, and Chewa Ullar in Tral. These events were a culmination of collaborative efforts, with the participation of BDO Tral and officials from various concerned departments.

The gatherings were marked by enthusiastic attendance from a large cross-section of the community, all eager to participate in the decision-making process that would shape the future developmental plans of their respective areas.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Harbaksh Singh emphasized the importance of inclusive governance and community involvement in driving sustainable development initiatives. He highlighted the need for constructive dialogue and mutual cooperation between local authorities and residents to ensure that developmental plans are not only comprehensive but also reflective of the community’s aspirations and needs.

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