Rahul slams PM for blind eyeing J&K’s terror victims

Rahul slams PM for blind eyeing J&K’s terror victims

New Delhi, June 12 : Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for turning a blind eye to the cries of devotees brutally killed in terror attack in Jammu & Kashmir’s Reasi during his swearing in ceremony on Sunday while never forgetting to respond to congratulatory messages.

On his social media post X, the former Congress president questioned as to why the BJP government is not able to get hold of those who were plotting terror attacks even as a counter terror operation was underway on Wednesday in Hiranagar of Kathua district.

“Narendra Modi is busy responding to congratulatory messages and cannot even hear the cries of the families of the devotees who were brutally killed in Jammu and Kashmir,” Rahul posted on X.

He further said, “There have been three separate terror incidents in Reasi, Kathua and Doda in the last three days, but the Prime Minister is still busy celebrating.”

Meanwhile, party spokesperson Pawan Khera while condemning the series of terror attacks in J&K also targeted the Prime Minister and said, “A spate of terror attacks has gripped Jammu and Kashmir in the past three days, whilst PM Modi is busy posting responses to congratulatory tweets by Pakistani leaders – Nawaz Sharif and Pak PM Shahbaz Sharif.”

“Why has he not spoken a single word on the dastardly terror attacks? Why has he maintained a stoic silence?” the Congress national spokesperson said.

In a statement though, the party said that the Indian National Congress stands united with the nation in fighting terrorism.

Khera said that while Narendra Modi and his NDA Govt was being sworn in, and heads of states were visiting the country, India suffered a horrific and gruesome terror attack in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir, where nine precious lives were lost and several injured. “Why not a word of sympathy from the ‘self-proclaimed divine’ Prime Minister come?” he said.

Khera said, “BJP’s loudmouth chest-thumping and hollow claims of return of peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir have been thoroughly exposed.

“The fact that BJP did not even bother to fight elections in the Kashmir Valley is a testament to the fact that their “Naya Kashmir” policy is an abject failure”.

While alleging that the Union Territory has witnessed 2,262 terror attacks, in which, 363 civilians have died and 596 Jawans martyred, Khera asked the PM as to what action has the BJP government taken to end the terror attacks.


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