Sajad Lone describes J&K Admin’s water meters installation as ‘quixotic and arbitrary’

Sajad Lone describes J&K Admin’s water meters installation as ‘quixotic and arbitrary’


Srinagar, July 6: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference President Sajad Lone on Saturday strongly criticized the J&K administration’s decision to install smart water meters, calling it a “quixotic and arbitrary” move that will adversely affect the people of J&K.

In a statement, Lone emphasized the crucial need for a local representative government capable of contextualizing decisions within the framework of challenges faced by the local population.

“In yet another irrational decision meant to break the back of the inhabitants of J&K, the government has decided to install water metres. Only a government accountable and acceptable to the people of J&K possesses the authority and mandate to implement such decisions after carefully considering grassroots realities & economic challenges,” he asserted.

Jammu and Kashmir administration is all set to begin installing smart water meters in the valley by this year’s end. The project will be implemented by the Jal Shakti department in a phased manner, with the first phase starting in the Srinagar district.

The PC presidentargued that an “alien government” has failed to grasp the economic travails of J&K residents, whose lives and livelihoods have been devastated by three decades of turmoil.

“One need not be a rocket scientist to understand that excessive change in a short period is disastrous. A disaster the BJP government has perpetuated across the country is being replicated at an accelerated pace by the current J&K Administration,” he stated.

Lone expressed hope that the present administration would have the courage to conduct Assembly election, bringing an end to what he termed “quixotic rule” that shall provide respite to the common man.

At least, we would have a local government that understands and relates to the public suffering. This approach reminiscent of colonial times deserves condemnation and I am hopeful these arbitrary and anti-people decisions will cease once elections are held,” he concluded.


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