Thousands evacuated after dam collapse in China

Thousands evacuated after dam collapse in China

Beijing, July 8 : About 2,400 people were evacuated in the Jining city district in China’s eastern Shandong province after a dam collapsed on the Sihe River amid heavy rains, the media reported on Monday.

Rains and floods collapsed a part of the river slope in Sishui County, China Central Television reported. Emergency services were called to shore up the slope to prevent further slides.

Torrential rains have been causing floods across eastern and southeastern China in the past few days. A dam burst on Dongting Lake in Hunan province last week, flooding a wide area and prompting the evacuation of at least 6,000 people.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has met with the governments of 10 flood-affected regions, including Hunan, Shandong, and Henan provinces, calling for increased policing of dams and reservoirs to reduce flood risks, Xinhua News Agency reported.


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