UK to hold General Election on Thursday

UK to hold General Election on Thursday

UK, July 4 : The United Kingdom will go to the polls on Thursday for a general election in which the opposition Labour Party could secure a victory for the first time in 14 years.

The main rivalry for the post of prime minister is between incumbent UK leader Rishi Sunak, the head of the Conservative Party, and Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

According to The Guardian’s recent election poll tracker, Labour is leading the Conservatives by 20 percentage points with 40.7% of the vote.

As a result, Labour may secure 428 seats in parliament, up from 203 in the last term, while the Conservatives could get 127 seats, down from 365 in the previous term.

In 2024, a UK party must win 326 seats to form a government. If none of them can do so, the incumbent prime minister remains in power and must form a government.


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