91 killed in Mozambique shipwreck

91 killed in Mozambique shipwreck

Maputo, Apr 8: At least 91 people died after an overloaded boat capsized near the Island of Mozambique in Mozambique’s northern province of Nampula on Sunday, the state-run Radio Mozambique (RM) reported.

The fatal victims include children, and another 34 people were missing, the report said, adding that five survivors were found.

The vessel was a makeshift ferry departing from the district of Mossuril and carried a total of 130 passengers, the secretary of state in Nampula province Jaime Neto, was quoted as saying.

Neto told RM that passengers left their areas of origin, following a panic caused by the misinformation about the cholera outbreak.

“It is a vessel not prepared to transport so many people. It is a fishing vessel, and people had misinformation about the cholera outbreak, and they rushed to the vessel,” Neto said.

A multisectoral team was organized by the authorities to continue to search for the missing and conduct investigation into the accident.


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