Anger over axing of poplar trees at Srinagar historic college

Anger over axing of poplar trees at Srinagar historic college


Srinagar, Mar 22 : A beautiful avenue of trees has been chopped down at Srinagar’s Amar Singh College, which has sparked anger among the residents.

The trees which were synonymous with its identity had stood for decades, were cut for a “major makeover” of the College.

“The person who has taken this decision is extremely ill suited to be involved even remotely with an educational institution. What an absolutely sad sad spectacle. Tragic!,” former Mayor of Srinagar Junaid Mattu wrote on X.

Amar Singh College, the second oldest college in Kashmir established in 1913 is known for its charming beauty and heritage. In 1970’s Bollywood film “Kasme Vaadey” starring Amitabh Bachan and Rakhee was shot in the college.

The canopy of tall green trees at the entrance to the College also used to guide a visitor to the heritage building.

“Chopping down the iconic trees at Amar Singh College, Srinagar is not just stupid, it’s a disgrace. While the world plants trees, we destroy our heritage? Those responsible must be held accountable,” the Chief spokesman of National Conference Tanvir Sadiq said.

A former student termed the axing as “butchering the aesthetics of College.”

“The so-called ‘development administration’ has cold-heartedly butchered the aesthetics of Amar Singh College, my beloved alma mater, by mercilessly axing the picturesque poplar tree tunnel. My heart sinks seeing images of what was once a serene haven where I cherished my college days, now ruthlessly stripped of its greenery. The shameless destruction of our beautiful landscapes is unforgivable; spare these green treasures,” Junaid Dar wrote in a post on social media.

“Show some compassion, preserve these green tunnels and patches of nature that hold our memories. Remember, development shouldn’t come at the cost of erasing the essence of our past,” he added.

However, the college authorities defended axing saying they had “aged and posed a threat”.

“There have been some accidents as well. The trees are being replaced by conifers which are being planted in a massive way ..Our aim is to beautify the college…. We are also coming up with a state-of-the-art fountain,” said a college official.


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