Attention being diverted from core issues: Rahul

Attention being diverted from core issues: Rahul


Shivpuri (MP), Mar 4 : Firing a broadside at the Centre, erstwhile Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged on Monday that no attention is being paid to the three principal issues of high prices, unemployment and corruption.

“Indeed, the populace’s attention is being diverted from these matters. Money is being brought out of the pockets of the indigent via levying the Goods and Services Tax whereas the well-heeled do not have to pay much. The needy are deprived of adequate work opportunities,” the visiting leader – who is undertaking the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – said here during his address from an open jeep.

He rained fire on the Agnipath Yojana.

Rahul Gandhi staged a roadshow here and departed for Guna.


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