Azad criticises NC and Congress for their role in splitting secular vote in erstwhile Doda district

Azad criticises NC and Congress for their role in splitting secular vote in erstwhile Doda district

Jammu Apr 14: Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday criticized the National Conference and Congress for their role in splitting the secular vote in the erstwhile Doda district.

Addressing a public meeting in Kishtwar, Azad pointed out that the DPAP was the first to declare its candidate after BJP, then Cong announced a candidate whose track record was communal, yet the NC leaders are now campaigning against them, solely to manipulate and deceive the people.

He questioned their absence and lack of contribution over the past decade in the Chenab Valley, asking what tangible efforts they have made for the region’s inhabitants.

He said, “These leaders come to the Chenab Valley as tourists, aiding the BJP and fracturing our votes. What have they truly done for the people here? How many schools, roads, or colleges did they construct during their tenure? They merely exploited and deceived our populace. I will not permit this to recur.”

He urged the public to remain vigilant against parties that exploit them for political gain.

He pointed out the shortcomings of Congress leadership, attributing BJP’s electoral victories to these failures, instead of addressing people’s concerns, leaders of such parties are engrossed in abusive politics. He said, “If Congress is losing today, it’s because of their failed leadership. They only abuse the opponents, even those who demand leadership change. There is no democracy in Congress now.”

He lambasted the NC leadership and other regional parties for their abandonment of the self-rule and autonomy agendas. He questioned the sincerity behind their previous slogans, accusing them of exploiting people’s sentiments for years.

He said “What happened to self-rule and autonomy? Today, you forget. You exploited people over slogans for years.” Azad reiterated his party’s unwavering focus on development and peace. He emphasized their commitment to building schools, colleges, and roads, highlighting the importance of continuing this work. Rejecting the exploitation of people, Azad affirmed that their mission and agenda remain centered on serving the community and fostering progress.

He assured that their party’s candidate, G.M. Saroori, would champion people’s issues with the same dedication and integrity as himself. He praised Saroori as a hardworking and honest individual, committed to serving the people effectively. Azad further emphasized that voting should be based on the candidate’s performance, rather than on religious or caste considerations.

He underscored the secular nature of the people of Chenab Valley and urged them to unite for the development of the entire region, transcending any divisive factors.


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