BJP neglected far-flung areas including Gurez: Omar

BJP neglected far-flung areas including Gurez: Omar

Addresses election rallies in Gurez, Tulail

Srinagar, May 17: National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah on Friday asked people to vote wisely and send a clear and categorical message to ruling BJP on its blunders and injustices committed with people of J&K.

He made these comments while addressing a series of public gatherings in Gurez and Tulail. The meetings were organised by senior leader and In-Charge Constituency Gurez Nazir Ahmad Khan Gurezi.

Among others party Treasurer Shammi Oberoi, Chief Spokesperson Tanvir Sadiq accompanied the Vice President on the visit, a statement issued to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) reads.

Questioning Why A, B and C teams are silent on BJP’s poison against Muslims, Omar said, “J&K is currently going through a critical period. While people are being evicted from their lands, our religion is being attacked daily. In some places, it is about uniform civil code, in some places a worshiper is being kicked while offering prayers. We are being taunted repeatedly and our emotions are being played with and all this is being done by BJP for its nefarious political interests. Those who are fighting elections on the symbols of apple, bat-ball and bucket have to answer why they are not raising their voice against BJP? Are these people not seeing how BJP is oppressing minorities particularly Muslims? Are they not able to listen to the speeches of BJP leaders including the Prime Minister, in which the Hindus are being threatened that the Muslims will take away the ornaments of the Hindu women? Why are they avoiding speaking against the BJP?”

Omar further said the BJP’s core ideology is that there should be no development in areas where Muslims are in the majority. “BJP cannot bear the upliftment and development of Muslims. BJP should explain why the tunnel to Gurez, where the road remains closed for three to four months – had not been made despite the party’s tall claims of tourism promotion and development in the Valley.”

He said, “We have had a deep relationship with remote areas like Gurez. Whenever we get the opportunity to take over the power of this state with your prayers, our whole effort has been to ensure that these remote areas are not left behind. I wanted them to get their fair share because your problems are more than what the city faces. People remember you in elections and then forget you, but I am personally happy that we have not forgotten you while in power. I will not claim that we have done everything but it is not that we have done nothing, we have done as much as we could. However there has been no development since we left the reigns of power. All the major and minor projects started by us during our tenure have been put into cold storage.”—(KNO)

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