Boxing Federation of India agrees to join World Boxing

Boxing Federation of India agrees to join World Boxing

New Delhi, May 31 : The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has agreed to become a member of World Boxing, the International Federation established to ensure boxing remains at the heart of the Olympic Movement.

The membership application has been approved by the BFI’s General Assembly and will be ratified by World Boxing’s Executive Board.

BFI President, Ajay Singh, recently met with World Boxing’s President and Secretary General to discuss ways in which India can support the International Federation in growing its membership base in Asia, where the BFI is one of the largest National Federations.

As part of its commitment to the future development of World Boxing, the BFI aims to play a leading role in establishing an Asian Confederation and drive the recruitment of other National Federations in the region.

It also intends to actively participate in the work of World Boxing Committees and all Commissions as well as bidding to host World Boxing competitions and supporting World Boxing’s efforts to secure commercial partnerships and generate new income streams, according to a media release.

President of World Boxing, Boris van der Vorst, stated, “India is a very important country in international boxing and we look forward to welcoming the BFI into the growing World Boxing family. This is a very exciting development which will significantly increase our presence in Asia and I look forward to working closely with the BFI in delivering our common goals.”

“In both its public comments and during our recent meeting, the IOC has delivered a clear message to all National Federations that if they want boxers from their country to have the opportunity to compete at future Olympic Games then they must now join World Boxing. This is the only path that will see our sport remain in the Olympic Games after Paris 2024 and National Federations must act now and follow the example of the BFI if they want boxing to have any chance of still being part of the programme at Los Angeles 2028,” Vorst said.

BFI President Ajay Singh, said: “It is absolutely vital to the sustainability of boxing that it retains its Olympics status, so we are delighted to join World Boxing and look forward to working closely with the Executive Board and our fellow members to shape the future development of the sport and deliver a brighter future for boxers across the world.”

“The BFI shares the same values and goals as World Boxing and are keen to play a leading role in

its development. We also wish to be at the forefront of the formation and hosting of a new Asian confederation to ensure boxing continues to expand and grow its membership on the continent,” he said.

World Boxing was launched in April 2023 and aims to ensure that boxing remains at the heart of the Olympic movement. On 7 May 2024 it held its first formal meeting with the IOC which signalled the start of formal collaboration between the two organisations aimed at establishing a pathway for boxing to remain in the Olympic Games.

World Boxing currently has members covering all of the five Continents that compete in international boxing.


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