CAA dangerous move; BJP wants to settle Pakistanis in India: Kejriwal

CAA dangerous move; BJP wants to settle Pakistanis in India: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Mar 13 : Attacking the BJP over the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) before the Lok Sabha election, Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal alleged on Wednesday that the BJP has opened doors for illegal migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, which is very dangerous for the country.

In a video statement on social media post on X, Kejriwal said, “The BJP has opened India’s door for Pakistani and Bangladeshi residents. This is dangerous for the country.”

“The northeastern states, especially Assam, will have to pay for it. The culture of Assam is in danger because of the illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The BJP wants to provide citizenship to these illegal migrants,” he added.

Kejriwal asserted, “After ruling the country for 10 years, just before the elections, the BJP has to discuss the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). If they had focused on governance during these 10 years, they could have sought votes based on their achievements rather than the CAA.”

“It means that a large number of minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh will be brought to our country, and they will be employed and settled here. The youth of the country are not being provided employment opportunities by the BJP government. Many people in India do not have homes, yet the BJP wants to bring people from Pakistan and provide them houses here,” Kejriwal added.

He expressed concerns over the allocation of government funds and questioned the government’s preparedness to provide employment opportunities for these refugees.

“There are approximately 2.5 to 3 crore minorities in these three countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan). And these countries are very poor. As soon as our doors open, huge crowds from these countries will come here. Even if 1.5 million people come here, who will employ them? Where will they be settled? Why is the BJP doing this?” Kejriwal asked.

He further claimed that this is “dirty” politics to create their vote bank and questioned why the BJP is doing this.

In the last ten years, more than 11 lakh traders and industrialists have left the country due to their policies and atrocities. Kejriwal said, “If the BJP wants to bring people back, then they should get these (traders and industrialists) people back.”


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