China’s claim on Arunachal “ludicrous”: Jaishankar

China’s claim on Arunachal “ludicrous”: Jaishankar

New Delhi, Mar 23: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday rejected as “ludicrous” China’s oft-repeated claims on Arunachal Pradesh, days after Beijing made certain critical comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the northeastern state.

He maintained that Arunachal Pradesh is part of India and not because some other country says it is part of India.

He made the comments in response to a question at an event in Singapore, where he is on a three-day visit.

“India has been clear and consistent on the matter. This is not a new issue and China has laid claims earlier also and has expanded its claims,” Dr Jaishankar said.

On the rise of India and China, the Minister said, “Challenge is to find a sustainable equilibrium between two rising powers who also happen to be neighbours and who have a history and population which sets them apart from the rest of the world.”

On Pakistan, Dr Jaishankar emphasised, “India’s mood right now is not to overlook terrorism. Every country wants a stable neighbourhood and India has been unfortunate in this regard. It is a challenge to deal with a neighbour who does not hide the fact that they use terrorism as an instrument of statecraft.”


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