Congress & AAP join hands to save constitution: Rahul

Congress & AAP join hands to save constitution: Rahul

New Delhi, May 18 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday, while urging the people of Delhi to vote in favour of the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidates, said that both parties have come together to save the Constitution and democracy, which the BJP wants to finish.

Addressing an election rally at Chandni Chowk’s Ramlila Maidan here, the former Congress president said, “The time has come for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to go. AAP and the Congress have joined hands to save the Constitution, which the Prime Minister and his Ministers want to finish. Many of the BJP’s top leaders have openly said of abolishing the Constitution”.

Calling his party workers “babbar shers,” Gandhi said, “Our leaders are tigers who cannot be threatened by ED or CBI. Those who have left our party and joined the BJP, fearing ED or CBI investigations, are cowards. And we don’t need them in our party.”

Gandhi reiterated his party’s stand to “throw the Agniveer scheme into the dustbin” when the Indian Bloc comes to power. He also spelled out the guarantee of “peheli naukri pakki” for the youth.

Accusing Prime Minister Modi of working for the welfare of just a handful of industrialists, the Wayanad MP said, “Modi has made some 22 people billionaires, but the Congress party will make every poor woman lakhpati.”

He said, “The Prime Minister was giving a slew of interviews to some of his favourite anchors. Some journalists wrote letters to me and Modi ji asking for a debate. I am ready to debate with the PM anytime, but Modi will not like to have a debate with me. Because he knows, I will ask him about his relationship with Adani, his fundraising business in the name of electoral bonds, his three black farm laws; Chinese encroaching on our land, and the Agniveer scheme”.


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