Congress’ bankruptcy is moral and intellectual, not financial: JP Nadda

Congress’ bankruptcy is moral and intellectual, not financial: JP Nadda

New Delhi, Mar 21 : BJP President JP Nadda on Thursday hit out at the Congress for blaming the government for blocking its accounts and said, “Instead of correcting their errors, Congress is blaming authorities for their troubles”.

Taking to social media post-X, Nadda said, “Be it the ITAT or the Delhi HC, they have asked the Congress to comply with the rules, and pay the taxes due but the Party never did so”.

Nadda’s comments came after the Congress Chairperson leveled serious allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that “Prime Minister has made a systematic effort to cripple the party financially”

” This issue affects not just the Indian National Congress, but our democracy itself. Funds collected from the public are being frozen and money from our accounts is being taken away forcibly” she alleged.

Rebutting the Congress charges, Nadda said, “Congress is going to be rejected by the people, and fearing a historic defeat, their top leadership addressed a press conference and ranted against Indian democracy and institutions. They are conveniently blaming their irrelevance on ‘financial troubles’. In reality, their bankruptcy is moral and intellectual, not financial”.

Hitting out over the corruption charges, Nadda said, “For a party which has looted from every sector, in every state and at every moment of history, to talk of financial helplessness is comical adding that Congress can use the money accumulated from all their scams starting from jeep to chopper scam via Bofors for their electioneering”.

In an apparent attack on Rahul Gandhi, the BJP President said, “Congress part-time leaders say India being a democracy is a lie may I humbly remind them that India was not a democracy only for a few months between 1975 and 1977 and that time the Prime Minister of India was none other than Mrs. Indira Gandhi”.


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