Don’t vote for NC, PDP, Congress: Amit Shah to Kashmiris

Don’t vote for NC, PDP, Congress: Amit Shah to Kashmiris

Srinagar, April 16 : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday accused the National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party of introducing the gun culture in Kashmir.

Shah also hinted that the BJP may not field candidates for the three Lok Sabha seats in Kashmir.

He asked people in Jammu and Kashmir to vote for whoever they wanted but not for the NC, PDP, or Congress.

“We are not in a hurry to conquer Kashmir, as portrayed by our adversaries. We aim to win the hearts of every Kashmiri. These parties (NC and PDP) are seeking votes for their children. Give a third term to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi to make Jammu and Kashmir more developed,” Shah said while addressing an election rally in the Roop Nagar area of Jammu.

Counting the developmental works undertaken and progress that happened in one decade, Shah said peace and development are the new normal under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

“The region that benefited most during the 10 years of Narendra Modi’s tenure is Jammu and Kashmir and its people,” Shah said.

Remembering the sacrifices and agitations of Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pandit Prem Nath Dogra, Shah said, “Article 370 no longer exists in Jammu and Kashmir, and the ‘Tiranga’ is flying high in every nook and corner of this region.

Jammu and Kashmir— that witnessed terror-related incidents, stone pelting, Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, firing, and ‘hartals’ in the past — has now been replaced by peace, development, and progress under the leadership of PM Modi, he said.

“Terrorism is taking its last breath in Jammu and Kashmir. Laptops have replaced the hands that were used for stone-pelting,” he said, adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes every section and society along.

Shah reiterated that the Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir will be held as per the Supreme Court’s fixed deadline.

Notably, the Supreme Court has ordered the Election Commission to conduct elections to the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly before September 30, 2024, and directed the Centre for the Restoration of Statehood.

Shah further said the youth of the valley were exploited by the NC-PDP.

“I want to ask NC president Farooq Abdullah and PDP during whose tenure the maximum number of fake encounters happened? Who opened fire on the youth of Kashmir Valley? Who brought gun culture to Kashmir?” In contrast, PM Modi stopped fake encounters, curbed terrorism in the Kashmir valley, and engaged youth in employment to live a respectful and prosperous life, he said.

Shah said earlier that children from Jammu and Kashmir used to go outside to study, but now students from all over the country are coming to study in Jammu and Kashmir.

Seeking votes for BJP candidates Jugal Kishore and Dr. Jitendra Singh, Shah said, “Give your vote to whoever you want to, but do not vote for the NC, PDP, or Congress. These parties are seeking votes for their children. Give a third term to Narendra Modi to make Jammu and Kashmir more developed.”

Shah said the BJP will not “occupy” the Kashmir Valley but will win people’s hearts by loving them. UNI

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