Electoral bond has become example of misuse of government power: Congress

Electoral bond has become example of misuse of government power: Congress

Lucknow, Mar 22: Congress on Friday termed the electoral bonds as the biggest electoral funding scam in the country and alleged that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hatched an opaque scheme to collect black money in a white manner, which has become a unique example of misuse of government power.

Talking to the reporters, the party’s national Spokesperson Abhay Dubey said that Congress had opposed this black business of donations from the very beginning. “The party has repeatedly said that this scheme is being used by BJP only for its benefit and to promote corruption in election donations.

Congress’s view proved true after the Supreme Court rejected the scheme,” he said.

He said that the Modi government was preventing the State Bank of India (SBI) from sharing information related to electoral bonds even after the court order. “The government was trying to hide all the information till June 30 by the completion of the Lok Sabha elections, but after pressure from the court, SBI had to make the information related to electoral bonds public,” he said.

The Congress spokesperson alleged that there were several cases where companies that donated electoral bonds received huge benefits from the government immediately thereafter. “Many companies related to infrastructure have donated huge amounts and after that, they have got projects. In the last few years, many cases of substandard construction material have been reported in many infrastructure projects awarded on the lines,” he said.

Regarding the freezing of Congress’s bank accounts, he said that all the bank accounts of the party have been frozen in the seven-year-old Income Tax case. “Now when the country is on the verge of Lok Sabha elections, this action of the Modi government is an attack on democracy,” he said.


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