Entire JK lives in Jammu, city deserves quality infrastructure: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Entire JK lives in Jammu, city deserves quality infrastructure: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Jammu, Mar 18: Democratic Progressive Azad Party -Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that while all the 22 districts of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state reside in Jammu, the city is facing official neglect and merits serious concern

Speaking at a public gathering organized by the Azad Party at Hari Singh Park in Jammu on Sunday, Azad reiterated, “The entire Jammu and Kashmir resides in Jammu. This is not the case even in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where people from 22 districts reside in makeshift homes.” He emphasized the pressing need for essential amenities such as electricity, water, and roads to be prioritized in the region.

Azad, who is viewed as a formidable contender for government formation in the upcoming assembly elections, outlined his vision for Jammu’s progress. He stated, “As soon as the government is formed, we should steer Jammu on the path of development, as I did during my tenure.” Azad’s remarks resonated with the audience, underlining the party’s commitment to addressing the region’s developmental challenges.

Highlighting the acute water scarcity issue in Jammu, Azad proposed a strategic solution involving the diversion of water from the Chenab River in Akhnoor through a dedicated canal. He asserted, “Merely relying on the Tawi River for water supply is insufficient. We need to explore alternative sources to meet the growing demand for water in the city.”

Azad also enumerated his past accomplishments, including the establishment of five medical colleges and the creation of new districts in Jammu and Kashmir. He credited his tenure for initiatives such as the artificial lake project in Jammu and lauded the Prime Minister for major infrastructure projects such as the expansion of highways in the region.

Asserting the importance of active representation in Parliament, Azad called for electing proactive Members of Parliament (MPs) who advocate for their constituents’ interests. He criticized passive parliamentary representatives, stating, “MPs should actively voice the concerns of their constituencies in Parliament. We cannot afford to have mute spectators in the legislative process.”

The public meeting witnessed the presence of senior party leaders and former ministers, including RS Chib, Taj Mohiuddin, GM Saruri, Garu Chaudhary, and General Secretary Heera Lal Abrol. Azad concluded his address with a call for proactive engagement in governance and a commitment to driving Jammu’s development agenda forward—(KNO)

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