Google temporarily reinstates Indian Apps on Play Store

Google temporarily reinstates Indian Apps on Play Store

New Delhi, Mar 5: Social media giant Google has given temporary relief to Indian companies whose Apps were delisted from the Play Store as Google has agreed to restore them pending appeals in the Supreme Court.

“In the spirit of cooperation, we are temporarily reinstating the apps of the developers with appeals pending in the Supreme Court,” Google spokesperson said in a statement.

Union Minister for Communications & IT Ashwini Vaishnaw tweeted saying “Deleated Apps to be restored. Google and app developers will work in close co-operation with other.”

Earlier this week, the association of Internet and Mobile companies had also asked Google not to delist Indian companies’ Apps from the Play Store.

“Google maintains its right to implement and enforce its business model, as established in various courts. We will invoice our full applicable services fees in the interim and are extending payment timelines for these companies,” Google said.

Google looks forward to a collaborative effort to find solutions that respect the needs of all parties, the Google statement added.

The mobile telecom operators also opposed such action by Google and had demanded immediate reinstatement of apps on the Play store.

IAMAI had earlier said that at least four of its members have received notices from Google. The affected members of IAMAI are of the view that a substantive hearing of the case is pending before the Supreme Court of India, and Google should not take any coercive action during the pendency of the case.

The IAMAI represents 580 members, including Indian and multinational corporations, as well as start-ups, IAMAI has been instrumental in shaping India’s digital economy. UNI

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