Govt starts conducting safety audit of 10 years old bridges

Govt starts conducting safety audit of 10 years old bridges

Srinagar, Mar 11: After completing the first leg, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has started another phase of conducting the safety audit of bridges across Jammu and Kashmir.

As per news agency, initiated in the year 2022, the authorities have completed the process of conducting the safety audit of bridges, which were more than 20 years old.

Officials said the Roads and Buildings department has now initiated conducting a safety audit of bridges, which have completed 10 years.

“The exercise of conducting safety audits of bridges which have completed 20 years concluded during 2022-23. Now, the process of safety audit for bridges, which are 10 years old, has also started,” they said.

Officials said the primary objective behind the exercise is to assess the condition of bridges, identify potential weaknesses, and recommend necessary measures to reinforce their structural stability.

“We will soon complete the audit of these leftover bridges as well. Ensuring the safety of bridges is of paramount importance for the well-being of our citizens and the smooth functioning of our infrastructure. This audit will help us address any potential risks and take proactive measures to enhance the durability and safety of these vital structures,” they said.

The safety audit encompasses various aspects, including the assessment of structural components, such as the foundation, superstructure, and substructure, as well as the examination of factors such as corrosion, wear and tear, and load-bearing capacity. Special attention is being given to bridges located in areas prone to seismic activity or adverse weather conditions, officials said.

The safety audit of bridges is being conducted given the recent incidents of bridge collapses in India.

In August last year, a railway bridge being built across a ravine in Mizoram state collapsed, killing at least 26 labourers working on the project—(KNO)

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