Govt to constitute committee to identify those who grabbed lands of poor : Shah

Govt to constitute committee to identify those who grabbed lands of poor : Shah


Patna, Mar 9: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday declared that the government would constitute a committee to identify those who grabbed lands of poor and stern action would be taken against them.

Shah while addressing a public meeting here at Paliganj , said that RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and others had grabbed lands of poor. The Government would constitute a committee to identify those who had grabbed lands of poor and action would be taken against them, he added.

The Home Minister said that motive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to work for people of the country and take all required steps for their development and prosperity. On the other hand, only motive of Sonia Gandhi was to make her son Rahul Gandhi, PM while Lalu was aiming to make his son Tejaswi, CM, he pointed out. Congress and RJD had no concern for the common man and leaders of both the parties were indulged in protecting their family interests, he alleged.

Shah, also a senior BJP leader, pointed out that a number of scams like Commonwealth scam, Coal Scam, Bofors scam and land for job scam were engineered during Congress regime at the Centre while RJD leader Lalu was indulged in fodder scam during his tenure of Bihar CM. Both Congress and RJD were not at all concerned for backwards and extremely backwards, he added.

“Congress government had put Kaka Kalekar Commission and Mandal Commission report in cold storage “, the Minister said, adding that the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had opposed Mandal Commission report for two hours in Lok Sabha. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had

given statutory status to Backward Commission while successive Congress governments did not bother to consider the demand of statutory commission to Backward Commission, he said.

Shah said that Karpoori Thakur was a great leader from Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs) but he was not given honour by any government at the Centre. It was Narendra Modi government which decided to felicitate Karpoori Thakur posthumously with Bharat Ratna award, he pointed out.

The Union Minister said that Bihar had given 31 Lok Sabha seats to NDA in 2014, 39 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections and in 2024 Lok Sabha elections, people of the state would ensure victory of NDA candidates in all 40 seats. He exhorted people to extend their immense support to NDA which could help Narendra Modi in getting third term as PM.


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