LS polls : Flying squads swings into action to prevent carrying money, articles to be given to voters

LS polls : Flying squads swings into action to prevent carrying money, articles to be given to voters


Chennai, Mar 17: A day after the schedule for the Lok Sabha polls was announced, more than 900 flying squads were formed and they swung into action from Sunday across the State to prevent misuse of money power and bribing the voters in the elections.

As the Model Code of Conduct for the April 19 single phase polling comes into force with immediate effect, intense checks were being carried out across the State in all the 39 Lok Saha constituencies since Sunday morning.

Vehicle checks were intensified to ascertain whether money was being transported illegally to be distributed to the voters.

Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo said strict action will be taken against those carrying money without proper documents and against those attempting to bribe the voters.

He also all those carrying cash in excess of Rs 50,000 should have valid documents failing which it would be seized by the flying squad authorities.

Meanwhile, according to Election Commission, there were 6.19 crore voters in Tamil Nadu. This included 3.15 crore women, 3.05 crore men and 8,294 from the Third Gender.

There were 9.18 lakh first time voters in the 18-19 age group and 1.08 crore voters in the 20-29 age group.

Among the electorate were 4.33 lakh physically disabled, 14.66 lakh very senior citizens and 8,765 centenarians.

It said in all there would be 68,144 polling booths across the 39 constituencies in Tamil Nadu of which 40,838 would be Rural booths and 27,306 Urban booths.

In Chennai, there would be 3,719 booths of which 579 were identified as vulnerable and the polling date approaches more vulnerable booths would be identified depending on the situation.

According to District Election Officer and Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) Commissioner

Dr.J. Radhakrishnan, 579 vulnerable polling stations had been identified by the Returning Officers

so far.

“Of the 3,719 polling stations in 1,944 locations across the city, 579 vulnerable ones were identified

by Returning Officers as per the polling percentage,” he said.

As of now, no critical polling stations have been identified. A joint exercise with the officials of the ECI and the police will be carried out in the coming weeks to identify more vulnerable and critical polling booths, he added.

In the city, 14 check posts, 192 flying squads, 192 static and 32 video surveillance teams, and 32 video viewing teams will be deployed. They will be equipped with vehicles with 360 deg live feed cameras, and the operations and grievances will be handled via the Integrated Command and Control Centre, Mr. Radhakrishnan added.

Since the model code of conduct (MCC) came into effect on Saturday, steps were taken by the civic body to clear all political banners, paintings, cut-outs, hoardings, flag staffs, notices, slogans etc., from government offices, public spaces and from private premises.


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