Mustard Bloom Emerges as New Tourist Attraction in Kashmir Valley

Mustard Bloom Emerges as New Tourist Attraction in Kashmir Valley

Srinagar, Mar 23: Apart from tulips and almond blossom, mustard bloom is becoming a yet another attraction for tourists thronging the valley during the spring season.

With the culmination of winter, the spring season in the valley begins with the mustard, almond, cherry and tulip bloom.

While Badamwari and tulip garden becomes the main attraction during the season, the random mustard fields spread across the valley against the backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains and verdant greenery equally presents a stunning contrast, painting the landscape with hues of gold.

As per news agency, tourists flock to the Kashmir Valley during this time to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery of mustard bloom.

From photographers seeking the perfect shot to nature enthusiasts reveling in the serenity of the surroundings, visitors find solace amidst the mustard fields.

As per the travel agents, tourists often request them for a trip to the mustard fields of Kashmir. “Mustard bloom is one of the prime attractions in Indonesia during spring season. Kashmir, which is surrounded with mountains, present a brilliant view amidst the musard bloom. Tourists love this colour of nature,” said Umar Ahmad , a travel agent.

He said the rush of tourists for pre-wedding and fashion bloggers increases during th spring season primarily due to the mustard and almond bloom.

“We receive lot of couples who visit Kashmir for pre-wedding shoots. In addition to it, models and fashion designers too prefer this season to capture their brands amid the golden hues of mustard bloom,” he said.

Tourists said the mustard blossom in Kashmir makes the place akin to Switzerland. “We have been to Switzerland and believe me Kashmir is much beautiful. We are here for seven days and hope to see some mustard blossom to capture some videos and pictures,” said Sujata Kumar, who has visited Kashmir for the second time to experience spring season.

The mustard crop is sown in October-November. As temperatures rise after winter, the mustard crop blossoms and it is harvested towards the end of May—(KNO)

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