N Korea fires ballistic missile toward sea of Japan

N Korea fires ballistic missile toward sea of Japan

Pyongyang, May 30 : North Korea launched an unspecified ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan early on Thursday, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, citing the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The report said Seoul’s military did not provide further details and was analysing the launch.

Pyongyang fired a total of ten short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan on Thursday, Yonhap cited the South’s military as saying.

Japanese broadcaster NHK reported, citing the Japan Coast Guard, that a projectile, “which could have been a ballistic missile, has already landed.”

The report also cited a spokesperson for the Japanese Defence Ministry as saying that the suspected ballistic missile has landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has strongly condemned the North’s launch and expressed hope for cooperation with the United States and South Korea.

“The launch of the ballistic missile by North Korea violates the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, and I strongly condemn it. We will continue the work to collect information and maintain surveillance, and we hope to maintain close cooperation with the US and South Korea,” NHK quoted Kishida as saying.

Japanese news agency Kyodo reported, citing the South’s military, that the missiles travelled about 350 kilometres (217 miles) before landing at sea.


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