Numbers of voters up at 96.88 crore in 2024; over 2.18 Lakh voters of above 100 years age

Numbers of voters up at 96.88 crore in 2024; over 2.18 Lakh voters of above 100 years age

New Delhi, Mar 16: The total number of registered voters in the country has increased to 96.88 crore as on January 1, 2024 compared to 89.6 crore at the time of last General Elections held in 2019 and the voter club of above 100 years age is 2,18,442.

According to Election Commission of India the total electorate in the country as per finally published Electoral rolls with reference to 01.01.2024 as the qualifying date is 968.8 million (96.88 crore) compared to 896 million (89.6 crore) in 2019. This marks an increase of more than 72.8 million (7.28 crore) electors.

Over 18.4 million or 1.84 crore electors are in 18-19 years age group. Electors in the age group of 18-19 years constitute 1.89 per cent of total electors. The number of electors enrolled as “Third Gender” (written as TG) is 48,044.

Of the total voters (96.88 crore), 49.7 crore are male voters while female voters number is 47.1 crore.
Parliament amended the Representation of the People Act, 1950, allowing enrollment of Indian citizens living overseas as electors. 1,18,439 overseas electors have been enrolled in the current electoral rolls, the ECI said while announcing schedule for Lok Sabha 2024 elections.

There are 19,08,194 service electors in the electoral rolls. There is a total of 88,35,449 People With Disabilities (PwD) all over the country in which there exist 52,65,076 male PwD electors, 35,69,933 female PwD electors and 440 Third Gender PwD electors.

As on 10th March, 2024, there is a total of 81,87,999 Senior Citizen electors above 85 years and 2,18,442 electors above 100 years.

The Commission, in order to maximize participation from all strata of society and improve the health of the electoral roll has taken all possible efforts to ensure maximum enrolment of vulnerable groups like PwDs, Third Gender and sex workers by collaborating with reputed CSOs.

For example, engaged with NACO (National AIDS control organisation) to ensure maximum enrolment of sex workers.

The Commission has focussed on the enrolment of young voters especially who attained the qualifying age i.e. 18 years on 1st January, 2024 & 1st April, 2024.

The Polling Stations have been rationalized with due diligence. Each and every polling station has been physically visited by senior officers, and shifting of polling stations to new and better infrastructure buildings has also been considered after following due procedures, the Commission stated.

The Commission enforces the Assured Minimum Facilities along with accessibility friendly infrastructure for PwDs and senior citizens in the polling stations, CEOs/DEOs have been directed to create permanent infrastructure such as ramps at the polling stations.



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