Over 16.23 lakh voters to decide fate of 12 candidates in Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency

Over 16.23 lakh voters to decide fate of 12 candidates in Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency

Direct Contest between Dr Jitendera Singh, Choudhary Lal Singh, Kathua, Udhampur’s 9.22 lakh voters remain key factor, 84K first-time voters to play crucial role

Jammu, Apr 03: The fate of 12 candidates will be decided by over 16.23 lakh voters of Udhampur Lok Sabha seat in the first phase of General Elections to be held on April 19.

As per the news agency, the main contest is between BJP’s Dr Jitendra Singh and Congress Party’s Choudary Lal Singh. Both BJP and Congress representatives represented the constituency for two terms from 2014-2024 and 2004 to 2014 respectively and are now seeking third terms in this election.

However, others who are in the contest included Amit Kumar of BSP, Balwan Singh of Jammu Kashmir National Panther Party (Bhim),  Ghulam  Mohammad Saroori of Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Manoj Kumar of Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, Dr Pankaj Sharma, Rajesh Manchanda, Sachin Gupta, Swarn Veer Singh, mohd ali Gujar and Mehraj Din as Independent .

The Udhampur parliamentary constituency is spread over five districts including Kishtwar, Doda, Ramban, Udhampur and Kathua and 18 assembly constituencies including Udhampur West, Udhampur East, Chenani and Ramnagar (SC) of Udhampur. Bani , Billawar,  Basohli, Jasrota, Kathua (SC) and Hiranagar of Kathua. Inderwal, Kishtwar and Padder–Nagseni of Kishtwar. Bhadarwah and Doda of Doda and Doda West of Doda and Ramban & Banihal of Ramban. According to the figures provided by the office of the Returning Officer 4-Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency, there are 16,23,195 registered voters in Udhampur Lok Sabha seat including 8,45,283 male, 7,77,899 female and 13 transgender electors. Over 9,22,783 lakh voters of Kathua and Udhampur district will remain a critical factor in this polls. Beside Choudary Lal Singh no other candidate in fray from Kathua district while out of 12 6 candidates including former minister G M Saroori are from Chenab Valley.  Over 6,99,816 voters from three districts of Chenab Valley  are able to change the fate of any candidate.

In constituency wise calculation, Kathua district’s Bani has 57,116 registered voters, including 30, 401 male, 26,713 female and 2 transgender electors. Billawar has 94,265 registered voters, including 49,365 male, 44,907 female and 2 transgender electors. Basholi has a total 68,886 voters including 36,159 male, 32725 female and 2 transgender electors. Jasrota has 86,343 voters including 4,179 male and 41,169 female. Kathua has a maximum of 1,08,834 voters including 57,196 male and 51,638 female. Hiranagar has 87,545 voters including 45,556 male and 41,989 female.

In Udhampur district, Udhampur West has 1,14,912 voters including 59,412 male and 55.500 female, Udhampur East has 100016 voters including 52,256 male, 47,759 female and 1 transgender, Chenani has 1,08,233 registered voters including 57,255 male and 50,987 female Ramnagar has a total of 96,628 voters including 50,944 male and 45,684 female.

In Kishtwar district, Inderwal constituency has 62,560 registered voters including 32,421 male and 30,192 female. Kishtwar has 73,573 registered voters 37,435 male and 36,102 female while Padder  has lowest 39,747 voters including 20,376 male and 19,371 female.

In Doda district, Bhaderwha constituency has  total 1,12,686 voters including 63,045 male, 59,636 female and 5 transgender, Doda has total 96,557 registered voters including 49,585 male, 46,970 female and 2 transgender while Doda West has total 85,623 registered voters  including 44,651 male and 40,92 female voters.

In Ramban district, Ramban constituency has 96,522 registered voters including 50,273 male and 46,249 while Banihal has total 1,12584 voters including 63533 male and 59,051 females.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has set up 2637 polling stations across the constituency, of which 2,457 are situated in rural areas and 180 in urban areas, ensuring accessibility and convenience for voters from all corners of the constituency.

Of notable mention is the inclusion of 23,637 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) within the electoral roll, encompassing 14,362 males and 9,275 females. The young voters, aged 18-19 years, stands at 45,825 male voters, 38,641 female voters and 2 transgender, totaling 84,468 potential first-time voters. The constituency boasts a considerable elderly population, with 12,020 male voters and 13,612 female voters aged 80 above, totaling 25,632 seasoned voters contributing to the electoral discourse.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Dr. Jitendra Singh won from Udhampur with a total of 7,24,311 votes. Vikramaditya Singh, the nominee of the Indian National Congress, received 3,67,059 votes. The BJP secured a majority of 61 percent in the polls. Similarly, in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Dr. Jitendra Singh had won from Udhampur, securing 4,87,369 votes. He defeated then Congress stalwart Ghulam Nabi Azad of Indian National Congress with a margin of 60,976 votes. Azad got 4,26,393 Votes—(KNO)

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