Over 800 fire incidents in Kashmir Valley this year, 180 in Srinagar

Over 800 fire incidents in Kashmir Valley this year, 180 in Srinagar

Srinagar, Mar 14: With over eight hundred fire incidents reported across Kashmir Valley this year till date, people are requested to be cautious and check their wiring to prevent any short-circuit that may lead to a fire incident, a top officer of the Fire & Emergency Services Department said.

He said around 180 incidents have been reported in the Srinagar district alone, and people should follow Dos and Don’ts to prevent any further fire incidents.

Speaking with the news agency, Er Aqib Hussain, Deputy Director of Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES), said Srinagar district alone has witnessed around 180 fire incidents this year, contributing much to the overall count of 800 incidents reported across the valley.

He said two deaths and two injuries were reported in these incidents. β€œIn winter, people use many heating gadgets. We should stay cautious and follow Dos and Don’ts,” he said.

The officer said many fire incidents happen with short circuits and breakage of wiring. He urged people to conduct regular electrical audits and install protective measures such as MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) to safeguard against potential fire hazards.

Hussain urged people to maintain contact information for their nearest fire stations and familiarise themselves with emergency protocols. Those who don’t have such contacts can use the helpline number 101β€”(KNO)

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