PM Modi asks BJP Karyakartas to apprise people of government’s welfare schemes

PM Modi asks BJP Karyakartas to apprise people of government’s welfare schemes

New Delhi, April 3 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asked the party workers to enlighten people about financial transactions and apprise them of the government’s welfare schemes.

In an interactive session with BJP Karyakartas from Uttar Pradesh via the NaMo App, Modi underscored the importance of maintaining awareness of developments and ensuring robust preparations at the booth level for record victories.

He said new records are being made in polls due to the hard work of BJP workers.

The Prime Minister added “the soul of victory in elections lies in the victory of the polling booth” and stressed that they “will have to work with a resolve to break all old records of the polling booths”.

Modi also reaffirmed the party’s commitment to effective communication of its good governance agenda across the state ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

During the session, the PM participated in insightful discussions, addressing key issues, and sought feedback on grassroots initiatives.

He urged active participation on social media platforms and the creation of women’s WhatsApp groups for discussions to enhance outreach and engagement.

Modi emphasized the value of seeking advice from veteran party Karyakartas, maintaining politeness, and persuading voters with BJP-NDA ideologies.

Condemning the dynastic politics, the Prime Minister urged Karyakartas to conduct themselves with sensitivity and humility during the election campaign.


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