PM Modi twisting my ‘Shakti’ remark: Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi twisting my ‘Shakti’ remark: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Mar 18: After facing sharp criticism on his ‘Shakti’ remark, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday alleged that the Prime Minister was twisting the meaning of his ‘Shakti’ remark because Modi ji knew ‘I was speaking only the truth’.

On social media post X, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modiji does not like my words, and he keeps trying to twist the meaning of my words. He knows that I have spoken the truth. The ‘Shakti’ that I have mentioned and whom the Congress is fighting is mask of Modi ji”.

He said that this ‘Shakti’ has taken the voice of India, country’s institutions, CBI, IT, ED, Election Commission, media and industries in its clutches.

For that ‘Shakti’ Narendra Modiji waives off thousands of crores of bank loans, whreas poor farmers commits suicide for not able to pay loans of just a few thousand rupees. Besides, the country’s assets like ports, airports are given out while the youth of the country are ‘presented with Agniveer’ scheme which breaks their courage, the Congress leader said.

Gandhi alleged that even the media is saluting to the same ‘Shakti’ day and night and suppressing the truth.
He further said that the Prime Minister is the slave of that ‘Shakti’ which had imposed GST on the poor and not controlling inflation. Adding that to expand that ‘Shakti’ he is selling the country’s assets.

“I know that ‘Shakti’ and Narendra Modiji also knows that ‘Shakti’. It is not any religious ‘Shakti’ but of corruption and falsehood. That is the reason, whenever I raise my voice against Modiji, he and his machine of lies get confused and enraged,” the Wayanad MP said in his post.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Pawan Khera through a video message said, “Ever since Rahul Gandhiji has attacked the demonic power, the entire BJP including PM Modi has gone berserk”.

He said that this election was between ‘divine power and demonic power’ in which the divine power will win. “Victory will be for INDIA alliance, victory will be for Mother India”.


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