Restoration of statehood, employment among issues for first-time voters in Anantnag-Rajouri

Restoration of statehood, employment among issues for first-time voters in Anantnag-Rajouri

‘We believe ballot has the power to ensure the rights of citizens’

Anantnag, May 25 : Restoration of statehood and employment was the key issue for the first time voters in Anantnag-Rajouri constituency on Saturday.

Speaking to the news agency at different polling stations, first-time voters said that the vote has more importance as their special state has been downgraded to UT and non-locals can apply for jobs in J&K.

They said that they have voted for restoration of statehood and jobs and land of J&K must be kept for J&K residents only.

They said that the graph of unemployment in J&K is rising with each passing day, and there is a need for an employment package for J&K.

Arshid Ahmad, a first time voter in DH Pora said that he has been voting so that he will get his rights as many things were snatched from us in the last few years and we want it back.

He said that bureaucracy isn’t an alternative to the elected government and we want our representative who will raise our voice in concerned quarters.

Arshid said that apart from the restoration of identity there are issues like unemployment, inflation, road connectivity and we hope that the winner will resolve their issues.

Mehrook, another first time voter in Shangus said that it is important for youth to choose the right candidate at this stage as the unemployment rate is rising so that he can work for providing employment opportunities to youth and restoration of statehood.

While applauding the initiatives of ECI like establishing pink polling stations said that this is really good as women don’t want to mix up with men.

“Poor people have been suffering due to inflation and frequent increases in electricity tariffs, and whosoever wins must work on lowering the electricity fee,” Umair Ahmad a first voter in Anantnag town said.

He said that J&K has numerous issues like unemployment, and he has voted for the first time so that the voice of J&K can reach Parliament.

Similarly, many first time voters said that youth need to understand that their vote has power to resolve all their issues.

They said that if people will be able to choose the right candidate they will get all their rights as voting has the power to get all rights—(KNO)

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