SP, Cong are two parties with one shop: PM Modi

SP, Cong are two parties with one shop: PM Modi


Azamgarh (UP), May 16 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the opposition parties and said that though Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress are two separate parties, but their shop is one where they sell the goods of lies, appeasement, nepotism and corruption.

Addressing an election rally in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates from Lalganj seat Neelam Sonkar and Azamgarh seat candidate Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’, the PM said, “SP and Congress are two different parties, but the shop is one where they sell the items of lies, appeasement, dynastic politics and corruption “.

He said, “Now they have brought a triple dose of appeasement. They want to snatch away the rights of backward people, Dalits and tribals and give them to their vote bank.

“They want to snatch half of your property and give it to their vote bank. They also want to divide the country’s budget. We have to be cautious of those who divide and rule. They did the politics of Hindu and Muslim for 70 years. We must unite.”

Modi said that SP has been running a mission to abuse the Ram temple. “Our faith is being hurt for the sake of vote banks. The Shehzada of SP respects the terrorists and during his tenure the work of releasing the rioters was done,” he said.

He said that there was a festive atmosphere during his nomination in Kashi two days ago. “There is this excitement and celebration not only in Kashi but from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from Attock to Cuttack,” he said.

The PM said that the world has paid attention to the strength of India’s democracy. “For the first time, news of India’s celebration of democracy has appeared on the front pages of newspapers across the world,” he said.

He said that India’s identity and greatness are important for the world as well. “The world is witnessing that the blessings of the public are on BJP, NDA and all our allies. Wherever we go, the same voice is heard, the same slogan and resolution are echoing across the country. That is Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar (Modi government once again). The world is seeing this public support. Your love is surprising the world. The world is watching how much the people of India trust Modi’s guarantee,” he said.

Modi said that the latest example of Modi’s guarantee is the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). “The work of giving Indian citizenship to refugees under the CAA law has started from Wednesday itself. All those who have been given citizenship are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians brothers and sisters,” he said.

He said, “They have been living in India for a long time as refugees. They were victims of Partition on the basis of religion. For 70 years, these families endured torture and were forced to take refuge in India to save the honour of their daughters and their religion.

“Congress did not take care of them because they were not its vote bank. Most of them were Dalits and backward people.”

The PM said that those, who were given citizenship, were not only tortured there, the Congress government here and their allies left no stone unturned in torturing them in vote bank politics. “But Modi has unmasked them. This is Modi’s guarantee that whatever strength you have to gather from anywhere in the country and abroad, you can do it, I am also in the field and you are also in the field,” he said.

He said that today Modi’s guarantee is visible in Kashmir as well. “In the last 5 to 6 decades, Kashmir was an issue in every election. Now our opponent has stopped speaking about it. They go there and say in hushed tones that Modi has removed Article 370 and if we get a chance, we will bring it back.

“The question is not about Modi. Just as the fourth phase of voting took place in Srinagar, after 40 years, India’s democracy was celebrated there, the Constitution was celebrated. The enthusiasm of Srinagar clearly shows that no one will be able to do vote bank politics by bringing back Article 370,” he said.

Modi said that earlier the mothers and sisters of the military families of Azamgarh used to worry about whether there would be an explosion in Kashmir or when bad news would come. “Modi had guaranteed peace in Kashmir. The wall of Article 370 has been demolished.

“Earlier, whenever elections were held there, there used to be a strike and those who voted faced the threat of death. This time the elections in Srinagar broke records,” he said.

He said that 10 years ago, the safety of the common man in the country depended on God. “Whenever there were blasts anywhere in the country, people’s attention was first drawn to Azamgarh. At that time the SP government was here. The Shehzada of SP respected the terrorists and the rioters were released. Sleeper cells were given political protection. Many mothers have seen their children ruined,” he said.

The PM informed about health insurance for the elderly above 70 years of age and PM Suryaghar free electricity scheme and asked people to register online. He said that with this your electricity bill will be zero and you will start earning by selling electricity.

He said that today UP is developing rapidly under the BJP government. “Manduri Airport has been built, Maharaja Suheldev University has been built. Farmer welfare work is being done, but the prince of UP starts getting stomach aches due to these things. They feel that if development happens then how will their shop run?” he said.

Modi said, “You have seen the goon of SP. The markets used to close at 7 o’clock. Mothers and sisters were not able to leave the house, daughters were not able to leave the house even to study.”

He said that our aim is to deliver local products to the world markets. “Your vote is very important for this,” he said.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, ministers in the state government Surya Pratap Shahi, Dara Singh Chauhan, Om Prakash Rajbhar, MP Sangeeta Azad, BJP state general secretary Govind Narayan Shukla, MLC Vijay Bahadur Pathak, BJP candidate from Lalganj Neelam Sonkar and Azamgarh. Candidate Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ were present on the occasion.


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