Toddler extricated from borewell in 20 hrs rescue operation in Karnataka

Toddler extricated from borewell in 20 hrs rescue operation in Karnataka


Vijayapura, Apr 4: A two-year-old boy, who fell into a 16-foot-deep borewell in Lachyana village of Indi taluk in the district, was rescued here on Thursday.

Despite the challenges and the nearly 20-hour-long rescue operation, the efforts paid off as the child, Satvik Satish Mujagond, was safely brought out from the borewell.

The sound of the boy crying during the rescue operation must have been a source of anxiety for everyone involved, but it ultimately turned into a moment of joy and relief as he was reunited with his family.

To reach the trapped toddler, earthmovers worked tirelessly throughout the night to excavate a parallel pit. However, the operation faced challenges due to the rocky soil and a substantial boulder obstructing progress.

Satvik fell into the borewell while playing on his parent’s farm on Wednesday evening.

Oxygen pipes were deployed to maintain Satvik’s oxygen supply while he was trapped in the borewell to ensure his survival during the rescue operation. Additionally, a parallel well was dug up to create a pathway to reach the boy.

The toddler was immediately provided medical attention by the ambulance team and rushed to a nearby hospital to receive necessary medical treatment.

The successful rescue of Satvik from the deep borewell undoubtedly brought immense relief and joy to everyone involved, including his family, the rescue teams, and the community at large.

The collaborative efforts of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams from Belagavi and Kalaburagi, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team from Hyderabad, and assistance from local fire department personnel and police played a vital role in addressing the emergency.


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