Tulip Garden welcomes over 286,000 visitors, anticipates record-breaking season

Tulip Garden welcomes over 286,000 visitors, anticipates record-breaking season

Srinagar, Apr 16: Since its inauguration, the Srinagar tulip garden has attracted a total of 286,350 visitors, with daily numbers steadily increasing.

According to tulip garden management, there has been a surge in footfall, particularly since Eid, with over 10,000 visitors flocking to the garden daily.

Despite recent heavy rains, the garden has remained a popular spot, attracting thousands even on rainy days, Contractor Mudasir Khan, who oversees the garden, informed the news agency.

He said that over the past six days, the garden saw a total of 92,000 visitors, including 12,202 on Wednesday, 23,660 on Thursday, 17,580 on Friday, and 21,121 on Saturday. Despite heavy rains in the past two days, the garden still received 9,100 visitors on Sunday, 8,300 on Monday, and 10,350 on Tuesday.

The official expressed confidence in surpassing last year’s record of 366,000 visitors, crediting the government’s efforts to enhance the visitor experience and introduce new tulip varieties for the increased interest.

Established in 2007 to extend Jammu and Kashmir’s tourism season, the tulip garden continues to fulfill its vision. However, the garden’s popularity has led to traffic congestion on roads leading to the site, posing challenges for traffic authorities in managing vehicle flow.

To further encourage visitors, especially schoolchildren, the garden offers a 20 percent discount on entry fees, with the offer extended to accommodate more students.

Overall, the overwhelming response from tourists underscores the tulip garden’s role in boosting tourism in the valley and providing visitors with a memorable experience amid nature’s beauty—(KNO)

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